BYI ... ♡

i dont use tone tags, i use caps a lot, i use slurs i can reclaim and i respond semi-fast (depends on what I'm doing)

DNI !! ☆

basic dni criteria, genshin impact fans, proshippers, dsmp fansincluding ranboo, boyfriends fans, anti neoprns/xenogenders, endo "systems"


SOVA! Cyrus, Venus, Ana, Arlo, Rae, Piper, Chai, Lapis, Doe, Niki, Mayhem, Ink, Jackal, Mumble, Aster
MUSICC VOCALOID, IVE, Addams Family Musical Soundtrack, Melanie Martinez, Ride The Cyclone Soundtrack
games & other... fnaf vocaloid OMORI mystreet theatre (musicals) undertale lego monkie kiid VALORANT . . . ♡
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